Quality Custom & Standard Air Filters

Custom & Standard Filters
Clean Air has over 100 available sizes. We have standard sizes available, and we specialize in custom filters made right at our facility. Grille cuts are ready to go! 

Pleated / Fiberglass & Media Roll
Our Merv 10 pleated filters are Allergen rated and a heavy-duty moisture resistant construction. They are also ASHRAE standards. Media Roll is available too. 

Aluminum Filters
We also make custom permanent washable electrostatic, media frames and grease for indoor/outdoor for your kitchen or BBQ area. 

Trane & Lennox Filters
Trane and Lennox Filters are available by special order only.
Electrostatic Filters
Electrostatic filters create its own electrostatic charge so it does not add to your electrical cost, but aids in reducing costs by keeping your air conditioning/ heating coils and equipment cleaner.

Commercial Filters
Available by special order. 

Deco Products

Silicast Beauty Enhancing Sealer

Silicast Beauty Enhancing Sealer (BES) is an excellent adhesion to bare pavers, conrete, stamped concree, stone tile, natural and artificial stone, and clay tiles.

SilaCast Penetrating Concrete Sealer
Deco Penetrating Concrete Sealer is easy to apply, non-toxic, dries clear and protects and preserves in a single applica